Clevertouch Impact Plus 2 Series High Precision 65″

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So much more than just an interactive touchscreen

Full range of sizes: 55″ 4k  |  65″ 4K  | 75″ 4K | 86″ 4K

Designed by teachers, for teachers, IMPACT Plus is more than just an interactive touchscreen, it delivers a truly intuitive and collaborative experience. Feature-rich, with solutions for free teachers from the constraints of the restrictive traditional classroom. Make lessons extraordinary with the new IMPACT Plus.

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Powerful and feature rich – IMPACT Plus is designed for today’s classroom

55″4K   |   65″4K   |   75″4K   |   86″4K

High Precision Technology

Our patented Super Glide Touch technology offers the most fluid writing experience on a touchscreen – as smooth as writing on a whiteboard. Able to differentiate between palm-erase, fingertouch, and stylus-writing, there’s no need to change settings mid-flow.


Built-in line array microphone.


True 4K resolution and sharper user experience throughout

Screen Mirroring

Up to 50 student or teacher devices can connect, with 6 shown on the IMPACT Plus display simultaneously.

Infinity Whiteboarding

Never run out of space with our infinite canvas. With numeracy tools, handwriting-to-text recognition, and the ability to insert images and shapes, all of which can be saved, printed or shared to student devices.

New super cool comfort stylus


Access hundreds of free teaching apps to make lessons engaging.

Security Matters

We know how important it is to be secure, so we’ve got lots of options for you to keep control of your device. Clevertouch can run on-or-off the network. Settings, apps, and Android can all be disabled. Data can be wiped at the end of a session and the screen can be locked with a secure passcode.

Super Wide Sound

45W Max Power for room-filling sound.


Huge connectivity including the latest generation USB-C port.

No ongoing software costs

No subscription charges for LYNX Whiteboard, ClevertouchLive and Cleverstore

Cloud Accounts

Sync with your Cloud accounts so that you can work anywhere at any time.

Environmentally Friendly Motion Detection

Equipped with Proximity Sensors your Clevertouch will power off when no one is detected in the room.

Ease of use


With AirServer you can mirror content from your personal device to the Clevertouch panel without needing to download an app.

What’s New?


The latest generation USB-C port is front-mounted on IMPACT Plus Gen 2, allowing for easier access. It offers device switching, giving you more options for delivering content.

Market-leading award winners 

Over the last ten years, Clevertouch as the market-leading brand for touch technology has picked up multi global awards for our Professional and Education solutions.

Quick Launch Menu for instant teaching tools

Your most commonly used apps are available with one touch and are easily accessible via the Quick Launch Menu. Annotation tools can be accessed at any time, keeping lesson flow smooth and simple, ensuring increased student engagement.

Make notes, diagrams, or images, add and scroll through multiple pages, insert an image or change the background colour. Now includes handwriting and formula recognition.



Lynx and lesson planning software allows teachers to create multi-page lessons with embedded media. Use with a connected computer, or in the Lynx app.


Create interactive activities for your class, or join the online Lessons Community to download activities that others have created.

Flexible solutions to suit your space and needs

Do it your way – with seamless Integration!


Upgrade to a Windows 10 Pro-state-of-the-art latest Intel® OPS module.