HDMI Sender/Receiver Kit up to 70m 4k

£239.00 ex VAT

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Flexible and comprehensive HDMI extender solution using Cat 6-8 cable.

Key Features

  • Easy to install, inexpensive CAT 6-8 cable
  • Outputs reach up to 70m
  • Support HDMI up to 297 MHz TDMS clock
  • HDCP/EDID/DCC transparent link
  • HDMI resolutions 4K, 2K & 1080p
  • HDCP 2.2 compatible
  • Full duplex RS232 passthrough
  • High Dynamic Raqnge (HDR) with BT.7090 colour space
  • Excludes HDMI Cables

Carriage exc VAT £8.95


The 4K-725 is a flexible and cost effective solution to extending HDMI, bi-directional IR, full duplex RS232 and POC (remote power over cable). Consisting of a transmitter/receiver pair, both units are compact and come with IR accessories. By incorporating the Lite HD BaseT technology  4K UHD HDMI signals can be transmitted up to 70m away.

The 4K-725 is a HD BaseT transmitter/receiver pair capable of transmitting UHD HDMI signals up to 4K UHD resolutions. The extender pairs provide the pass through of wide band bi-directional InfraRed signals and full duplex RS232 up to 115Kbaud. Whilst POH power (24V) can be sent by either the TX or RX  through the Cat 6 cable to provide power to the remote end. All that is required is a single Cat6 cable  connection to provide all these features.

The 4K-RX725 or 4K-TX725 can connect to any other product in the 4Konnect range as an extender into or out of a matrix or splitter.