Hi-Lo® Mono Flip Top® LED/LCD Trolley – Electric Tilt Up to 55″, Max 50kg

£1,049.00 ex VAT

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Stroke length 500mm

Electrical height adjustment

Electric tilt operation is simple, safe and stops in any position between 0 and 90 degrees

Carriage exc VAT £48


The Hi-Lo 500 Flip Top® TV Lift provides a mobile, height adjustable screen mount which allows screens up to 55 inches or 55kg to be mounted in a variety of positions, with an electrical height adjustment of 500mm and an electrical tilt operation of 90 degrees from table top to vertical.

In the horizontal plane, the screen is used as a table, with easy access for all users allowing collaberative learning.

In table position, minimum height from floor to rear of screen 775mm.

Floor to centre of screen 665 – 1165mm.

In the easel position at 45 degrees, the screen is easily accessible for young children and wheelchair users. Raise the stand at 45 degrees and the screen provides an excellent digital signage solution.

In the vertical position, the screen may be used in the normal way for presenting or as digital signage.