NEC PA703UL Laser Projector 7000 Lumens WUXGA, 3 Year/10,000 Hour Warranty

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Brightness (Normal) 7,000 ANSI Lumens
Laser Yes
Aspect ratio WUXGA (16:10)
Contrast ratio (typical) 2,500
Technology LCD
Horizontal Keystone +/- 40 Degrees
Vertical Keystone +/- 40 Degrees
USB 2.0 ports quantity 1
HDMI ports quantity 1
DisplayPort 1
Dimensions W x D x H 580 x 490 x 205 mm
Weight 18.2 Kg

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PA703UL Projector Including NP41ZL Lens

Professional Installation Projectors Ideal for Corporate, Higher Education and Museum Applications
Powerful laser installation projectors equipped to take on the most demanding integration projects

• Brightness: 7,000 Lumens
• Resolution: WUXGA
• Weight: 18.2Kg

Functions and Features

The World’s First Filter-Free Laser Projector using LCD Technology

Filter-Free Structure with NEC’s Original Cooling System
High dustproof performance is achieved by NEC’s proprietary sealed jet impingement cooling structure. Due to its excellent dustproof performance, this projector does not have the cumbersome filters that ordinary LCD projectors require. The new laser-based LCD projector offers better TCO (total cost of ownership) with less maintenance.

A Long-Life Laser Diode is Provided in the Light Module
Advanced laser technology delivers a reliable light source up to 20,000 hours.

Maintains the Set Brightness for a Long Time
The projector is equipped with a “constant brightness mode” that detects changes in brightness due to aging and automatically adjusts the output to keep the brightness constant. This makes it possible to project with stable brightness for a long time.

Risk Group 2 Saves You Installation and Operation Effort
Because of Risk Group 2 compliance based on the projector safety standards, no prescribed safety precautions are necessary.

Excellent Ease of Installation and Functionality in Various Uses and Applications
Multi-Screen Function
Multi-display capabilities and tiling technologies are integrated. The projector is also equipped with multiple digital input and HDBaseT output terminals that can connect multiple projectors in a digital daisy chain. These cutting-edge built-in functions produce a beautiful 4K high-resolution image using 4 projectors and various picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture configurations.

Edge Blending
This function seamlessly blends multiple projected images to display a single high-resolution image.

Optional Lenses with Peripheral Motorised Focus Features and Advanced Dust-proof Construction
Three types of optional lenses for the NP40ZL, NP41ZL and NP43ZL are available as dust proof lenses with motorised zoom and focus and a memory function. A selection of these lenses with wide vertical and horizontal lens shift and control code emulation are available, guaranteeing hassle-free installation and replacement of existing installation projectors. The newly added ultra short throw lens of the NP44ML can eliminate space challenges with shorter projection distances (such as 100” at only 0.7 m distance).
The NP40ZL, NP41ZL and NP44ML lenses are also equipped with peripheral motorised focus, and focus adjustment is possible in two stages by the centre and the periphery, which offers excellent image quality.

*After installing the NP44ML on the projector, be sure to secure it to the projector using the support kit (NP01LK) sold separately.

Highly Flexible Installation Options with 360° Positioning in any Direction
This Projector can be Installed Universally at any Angle
Tilt-free, roll-free and portrait installations are supported. The projector can be rotated freely (360°) to point up or down depending on the installation requirements and can berotated and installed on its side to create a portrait image.

A High-Definition Design to Meet the Era of High-Resolution Content and Devices
NEC’s Unique High-Definition Functionality with the 4th Generation of “SweetVision“ for 4K Content
The 4th generation of “SweetVision” supports 4K 60 Hz input signals and has been upgraded to support HDR10 and Rec.2020 signal. It offers a high definition image by raising the contrast in the boundary parts of an image by using the “Craik-O’Brien-Cornsweet effect”.

Supports High-Definition Processing of Both Digital and Analogue Inputs
10-bit high-definition signal processing is possible with all digital and analogue inputs. An image can be projected with an excellent contrast of 1024 gradations and over 1 billion colours in 4K images.

Support for 4K Input
The HDMI and HDBaseT input terminals support up to 4K video for display of ultrahigh resolution video.

Multiple Input Terminals for HDMI and DisplayPort and Input and Output Terminals for HDBaseT
Built-in HDBaseT (In/out)
Simplify your installations with HDBaseT, which is optimised for video applications and supports uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, Ethernet, power and various control signals. With only a single cable (up to 100 m) to run, infrastructure and labour costs are reduced, installations are significantly easier, and there is no cable clutter to manage. With uncompressed HD video support, images have never been more stunning.

Digital Inputs
Among the PA Series’ wide selection of inputs are dual HDMI with HDCP and DisplayPort with HDCP for connecting to high-definition sources such as Blu-ray players, cable boxes, satellite receivers and personal computers.

Other Useful Functions and Features
• Cornerstone
• Geometric correction to project an image on more non-standard surfaces
• Stacking correction to boost image brightness
• Centre lens design for easy setup
• Lens memory
• Seamless switch function for smoother screen changes when switching the signal
• Wall colour correction
• PIN security / control panel lock / security bar / security slot
• DICOM simulation
• Cable cover included as an accessory

Network Control
• NaViSet Administrator 2
• PC control
• Alert mail
• CRESTRON ROOMVIEW with emergency function and Extron XTP compatibility
• PJLink
• HTTP server (projector adjustment)

NP41ZL Lens
Middle zoom lens for the NEC PA 3 series

Key Features
• Zoom/Focus: Motorised
• Zoom Ratio: 2.3
• Throw Ratio: 1.30-3.02: 1
• Screen Size: 50 – 500 inch
• Weight: approx. 1.85 kg

Free Upgrade to 5 Years / 10,000 Hours Warranty