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If you go back thirty years, teachers were writing and illustrating on blackboards with chalk to engage students in the classroom. Ten years later, whiteboards moved the game on with dry erase ink, but this was hardly a technological revolution. The first interactive screens, introduced in the 2010s, were a technological revolution, bringing centralised collaboration … Continue reading How to choose interactive screens for classrooms

The main advantage of a rear projection screen is standing in front of it without blocking light from the projector. This is beneficial for presentations and increases the number of potential locations for the projector. Another advantage of rear projection screens is improved contrast and image quality because it separates the light path from the audience. Audiences … Continue reading Why choose a rear projection screen?

The beauty of projectors is you can use any flat surface as a screen, but if you want the best viewing experience, you should use a dedicated surface. Projector screens come in all shapes and sizes, including standard pull-down screens, fixed screens that you bolt into a wall, and rear projector screens that display an image … Continue reading Choosing a projector screen

Choosing a data projector for any use case is relatively simple; all you need to do is determine the ‘throw’ and resolution you require. These elements dictate the projector’s distance from the screen and the image quality. Determine throw  The ‘throw’ of a projector determines the image size when set at a distance. In other … Continue reading How to choose a data projector

Keeping students engaged in class is one of your greatest challenges, especially with dry and uninspiring subjects. However, the problem is rarely the subject matter itself, but the delivery method and how you deliver information to students. Visualisers have an overhead camera that captures video and feeds it to a connected display, such as a … Continue reading How visualisers and data projectors help schools engage students 

The characteristics of meetings room audio visual are unique, with audio fed in from various sources across a large space. Add projectors and displays to the mix, and you have lots of different ways the AV experience can suffer. You might have seen films where a conference phone is in the middle of a meeting … Continue reading Meeting room AV best practices

Review summary: The Iiyama TE5503 MIS-B1AG is an excellent interactive touchscreen, with in-built software for annotations and drawing. The included dual-touch pens offer a variety of useful features, and you can directly interact with on-screen content. The 4K resolution makes the display future-proof, but it’s the higher-the-average contrast ratio of 1200:1 that delivers fantastic image … Continue reading Iiyama TE5503 MIS-B1AG 55″ Interactive Touchscreen 4K Review

Review summary: The Vivitek Novotouch EK653i 65″ 4K Interactive Touchscreen combines a 4K UHD resolution with IPS-ADS technology, offering increased brightness without compromising black levels like regular IPS displays do. The result is a bright, colourful and interactive touchscreen that’s a pleasure to use. An anti-glare coating and self-contained software (no need to hook it up … Continue reading Vivitek Novotouch EK653i 65″ 4K Interactive Touchscreen Review