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— Image credit: Epson is one of the biggest names in the projector space with a series of projectors that cater for most budgets and technical requirements. Compared to other brands, they tend to run on the affordable side with a good range of features. The Epson EB-680 Ultra Short Throw Projector is one … Continue reading Epson EB-680 Ultra Short Throw Projector Review

Promethean has become something of a household name for interactive displays in schools over the last couple of years. Their ActivPanel product line combines connectivity with ease of use to suit virtually any classroom and learning environment. The model we are reviewing today, the AP7-B70-EU-1, is also known as the ActivPanel Titanium. It’s Promethean’s range-topping … Continue reading Promethean AP7-B70-EU-1 70” ActivPanel Review

Image credit: The Hitachi UHD7510 is an advanced touchscreen interactive panel designed to be as responsive as a tablet. The panel is good for 10-point multi-touch, which means you can theoretically use the 10 digits on your hand at the same time to perform various commands and gestures. The reality is you’ll use one, … Continue reading Hitachi UHD7510 75″ 4K Ultra HD Review

Technology has made truly unprecedented strides since the 1990s, and, alongside it, so has the classroom. We moved from whiteboards and overhead projectors to interactive whiteboards and, now, we’re making the move towards interactive touchscreens. That’s just the technology though, with entire swathes of the teaching environment getting changed and updated to better align with … Continue reading Interactive Touchscreen FAQs for Educational Establishments

Visualisers allow a non-digital item to be displayed digitally by capturing an image of the item with an overhead camera. That image is then displayed on another device, such as a projector screen, interactive whiteboard or monitor. These devices are most useful for taking snapshots of paper documents, but they can capture much more than … Continue reading How to buy the right visualiser

In 1987, Epson developed and launched one of the world’s first compact full-colour projectors. The VPJ-700 was ahead of its time, presenting a video with liquid crystal panels instead of the traditional cathode-ray tube. This boosted output and video quality so much it revolutionised the projector market forever. Today, Epson is a household name in … Continue reading Epson Data Projectors Review