Screens are everywhere in our modern life, from our pocket to our bags, our bedrooms to our boardrooms and back again. These range in sizes, from the tiny to the Titanic, but it’s in the office and educational environment where screens are having the biggest impact. Since the shift away from boxy CRT monitors in … Continue reading How to Choose a Screen Stand

When you’re buying any piece of technology it’s easy to be dazzled by the marketing and technological language being used. It’s there to impress, inspire awe and get you reaching for the debit card. However, it’s often tough to know exactly whether you actually need those features, or whether they’re just an expensive addition to … Continue reading Data Projector Features Explained

No matter how far technology seems to move on an almost daily basis, there remains something inherently magical about wireless technology. Seeing technology which used to amount to an endless parade of wires perform the same functions without the tangle is amazing, but most of all it enables all-new use cases for the technologies around … Continue reading 4K-725 4K HDMI Sender/Receiver FAQ