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Like soup without a spoon, there isn’t much use in a projector if you don’t have a projector screen. Providing a smooth, non-reflective surface for projectors to create images upon, projector screens vastly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your projections and transform any space into one where a projector can thrive. It’s for that reason … Continue reading Pull Down or Portable – Your Guide to Projector Screen Types

In business, there are few constants. Such is the nature of the free market and the march of technology that business has transformed almost beyond recognition in the last 30 years and, today, few businesses can operate effectively without technology. It’d led to innovation at a truly impressive rate, including a revolution in collaborative working … Continue reading The Three Pieces of Technology Every Conference and Board Room Needs

Today, projectors are a vital piece of equipment for educational establishments and businesses alike. They enable effortless presentations, collaborative working and superior pitches, but buying the right one? Well, that’s not quite as simple as you might hope. Like any piece of modern technology, projectors come with a spec list as long as your arm … Continue reading Projector Resolution and Aspect Ratio – Do They Even Matter?

When you’ve got serious jobs, you need a serious projector. When it comes to that? Well, the Sony VPL-FHZ65 Laser Projector is a tremendous option. Built from the ground up to offer exceptional performance on every level, the Sony VPL-FHZ65 isn’t just designed to power a single boardroom or auditorium (though it can do that … Continue reading Product Overview: Sony VPL-FHZ65