business AV solutions

In business, there are few constants. Such is the nature of the free market and the march of technology that business has transformed almost beyond recognition in the last 30 years and, today, few businesses can operate effectively without technology.

It’d led to innovation at a truly impressive rate, including a revolution in collaborative working and telecommuting as ‘the office’ becomes a more nebulous concept than ever.

If you’re outfitting a boardroom, conference room or meeting space in 2019 though, what is the technology you need to make it a reality?

At KPMS, we’re a leading audio-visual equipment supplier to businesses across the country and through years of experience outfitting companies, we’ve come to understand perfectly the requirements of the modern working space.

Here are the three pieces of equipment you truly can’t do without:

A Data Projector

Computers have been an integral part of the business landscape for decades, and whilst more recent years have seen the introduction of laptops and tablets – each of which enables more collaborative working – there still isn’t a great way to share what’s on your screen.

That’s not the case with a data projector. Effortlessly connecting to everything from desktop PCs to laptops, smartphones and tablets, a data projector enables anyone in your business to share their ideas, projects and whatever else they wish.

Why a data projector, specifically? They’re calibrated not for home theatre uses, but specialist business uses with higher brightness levels for well-lit offices, rather than dark living rooms.

An Audio System

Beautiful images are one thing, but if you can’t hear the accompanying sound, they’re next to useless. By investing in an audio system for your space you’ll find that not only can you ensure that everyone in the room can hear what’s going on, but you can hook up microphones to enable real-time teleconferencing between offices or with your clients.

A Smart Board or Projector Screen

A projector is nothing without something to project it on, and in that regard, you’ve got a few options.

The first is a projector screen. With a good, high-quality matte surface to project onto and a huge variety of shapes and sizes on offer, you’ll find there’s a projector screen to suit your business.

The other option is a smart board. With a similarly effective surface to project on, smart boards throw in a boatload of technological smarts too. They enable you to manipulate what’s being projected in real time, just like a touch-screen. Add in the ability to write directly on the screen and you’ve got a hugely effective way to work collaboratively and develop ideas as a group.

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