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Audio/PA Systems

KPMS Commercial has been involved with supplying the very best audio solutions to education and businesses nationwide since 2005. From a simple two speaker system in the classroom to a large auditorium, KPMS have a dedicated team of experienced Audio Designers and Installers giving you piece of mind that we will deliver you a quality system.

KPMS supply low impedance 8ohm/ 4 ohm systems, 100v line systems, capable of delivering foreground and background music depending on the application to suit all budgets.

Areas where we have worked within schools are Classrooms, School Halls, Sports Halls, Reception Areas, Dining Halls, Outdoor Areas supplying kit from the world’s best manufacturers including Yamaha, ElectroVoice, RCF, Crown, JBL, Cloud, Sennheiser and Sure to name but a few and our main goal being to supply a fantastic sounding system with ease of use.

Did you know that the correct positioning of speakers can eliminate feedback, did you know that using the correct speaker cables can eliminate speaker hum. At KPMS we take all this into account when we design your system. Whatever your audio requirements, come to KPMS for friendly, specialist advice – We will not let you down

If you’re not sure what to buy then give our sales team a call on 0845 4509770 or email