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Review summary: These Active Stereo Classroom Speakers produce a powerful and high-quality sound with the benefit of an in-built power amplifier. The 5.25″ bass driver and 1″ Neodymium dome tweeter configuration are suitable for music and voice amplification, with a vented designed to reduce heat and improve performance. Active Stereo Classroom Speakers-2 X 20w review … Continue reading Active Stereo Classroom Speakers-2 X 20w review

If you go back thirty years, teachers were writing and illustrating on blackboards with chalk to engage students in the classroom. Ten years later, whiteboards moved the game on with dry erase ink, but this was hardly a technological revolution. The first interactive screens, introduced in the 2010s, were a technological revolution, bringing centralised collaboration … Continue reading How to choose interactive screens for classrooms

As smartphones and other touchscreen devices have evolved, the way people learn has evolved too. In classrooms, personal devices are banned for good reason, but nothing is stopping schools from using touchscreens in classrooms to increase engagement and make lessons more fun, interesting and rewarding. What is an interactive touchscreen? An interactive touchscreen is a … Continue reading Is an interactive touchscreen worth buying for classrooms?

A visualiser lets you display a non-digital item digitally on a screen or monitor, bringing a new dimension to classroom learning and presentations. Unlike projectors, visualisers display 2D and 3D objects in their raw formats. For example, you could place an orange on a visualiser and zoom in on the surface to show the pits … Continue reading Epson ELPDC13 Visualiser Review