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Review Summary The BenQ MX550E is a reasonably priced DLP projector with excellent performance. It kicks out a 3,600-lumen brightness suitable for bright, naturally-lit lit rooms, and the XGA resolution (4:3 aspect ratio with an equivalent resolution to 1024×768) is suited to large screens, displaying vibrant images. It has an ultra-short throw ratio of 1.96-2.15, making it … Continue reading BenQ MX550E 3600 Lumens projector review

Visualisers and webcams are perfect for teaching because they are immersive and exciting. You can bring static material to life with a visualiser and use a webcam to connect with people worldwide, opening up exciting possibilities for collaboration. Whether you teach remotely or host faculty meetings, a visualiser and webcam will transform the way you … Continue reading How to transform your teaching with KPMS webcam/visualiser range

Review Summary The Samsung SMHG75EJ690YB is an innovative display screen, ideal for use in hotels and other commercial settings. It offers a wide range of great features, enabling you to tailor your display content easily. However, the picture quality makes this product stand out from the competition, with consistent UHD resolution. Introduction If you’re looking for a … Continue reading Samsung SMHG75EJ690YB 75″, 4k Commercial Display Screen Review

Portable projector screens are the secret weapon you didn’t know your business needed. Lightweight, convenient and packed with the latest tech, they can deliver numerous advantages for your organisation. Here are a few ways a portable projector screen can save you time and money. You can use a portable projector screen in any room Most … Continue reading Reasons why portable projector screens save you time and money

Review summary While a typical lamp projector might have 2,500 lumens, the NEC P603X kicks out 6,000 lumens for the biggest spaces like auditoriums and sports halls. It’s a serious bit of kit for assuring a great viewing experience in large spaces, with a 0.79m minimum and 1.34m maximum throw. The 1124 x 768 pixels/ 4:3 aspect … Continue reading NEC 6000 Lumens projector review

If you go back thirty years, teachers were writing and illustrating on blackboards with chalk to engage students in the classroom. Ten years later, whiteboards moved the game on with dry erase ink, but this was hardly a technological revolution. The first interactive screens, introduced in the 2010s, were a technological revolution, bringing centralised collaboration … Continue reading How to choose interactive screens for classrooms

The main advantage of a rear projection screen is standing in front of it without blocking light from the projector. This is beneficial for presentations and increases the number of potential locations for the projector. Another advantage of rear projection screens is improved contrast and image quality because it separates the light path from the audience. Audiences … Continue reading Why choose a rear projection screen?

The beauty of projectors is you can use any flat surface as a screen, but if you want the best viewing experience, you should use a dedicated surface. Projector screens come in all shapes and sizes, including standard pull-down screens, fixed screens that you bolt into a wall, and rear projector screens that display an image … Continue reading Choosing a projector screen

Choosing a data projector for any use case is relatively simple; all you need to do is determine the ‘throw’ and resolution you require. These elements dictate the projector’s distance from the screen and the image quality. Determine throw  The ‘throw’ of a projector determines the image size when set at a distance. In other … Continue reading How to choose a data projector