Quick Review

Boasting 4,000 ANSI lumens brightness, the LS610HDH projector delivers vivid visuals. Its full 1080p resolution ensures stunning clarity for your presentations. You’ll get sharp, detailed images for business meetings or classroom lessons. With HDR support, colours stay lifelike and accurate to the source material. This projector takes presentation visuals up a notch, between its high brightness and Full HD resolution, making images pop.

Image Quality

Touting a robust 0.65-inch 1080p chipset, the LS610HDH displays a crisp, native 1920×1080 resolution. It can even upscale 4K content.

With an impressive 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio, images look remarkably sharp on this projector. You’ll get rich, accurate colours as well. Over 1 billion displayable colours allow for smooth, natural colour gradients – perfect for media and presentations.

The high contrast creates defined vivid images. The expansive colour spectrum enables seamless blends and accurate tones when you display media or deliver critical presentations.

Connectivity Features

Connecting devices to the LS610HDH is hassle-free with its ample ports. It features two HDMI ports, one being HDMI 2.0, allowing you to seamlessly hook up HD media players, cable boxes, and more. You can play audio through the built-in 10W speaker or your speakers, thanks to the handy 3.5mm audio jack. Transferring files or updating firmware is also easy with the handy USB-A port.


Featuring 3rd generation LED lighting, the LS610HDH stays cool and quiet, with only 27-32dB noise levels depending on mode.

This advanced lighting generates minimal heat, enabling an exceptionally long 60,000-hour lifespan in normal mode, so brightness remains consistent even with heavy long-term use.

The projector provides generous 40° keystone correction and handy zooming capabilities. With a responsive 16ms input lag, it excels at clear business presentations and lag-free video watching.

Warranty and Lifespan

As an energy-efficient LED projector, the LS610HDH is built to last. Its long-lasting illumination enables a generous 60,000 hours of use in normal mode before needing to be replaced. For peace of mind, ViewSonic protects this investment with an industry-standard 3-year limited warranty covering parts, labour, and the light source.


The ViewSonic LS610HDH shines as a flexible LED 1080p projector, showcasing excellent image quality and connectivity across diverse environments.

With a bright 4,000 lumens and true-to-life colour accuracy, this projector delivers gorgeously vibrant visuals ideal for both media and presentations. Its expansive connectivity, including dual HDMI inputs, makes it easy to set up in any room. It’s a versatile high-definition projector ready to meet the needs of both large venues and hybrid workspaces.

You can buy the ViewSonic LS610HDH here.