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It wasn’t so long ago now that the idea of collaborative working was wheeling an A1 pad of paper into a room and breaking out the marker pens. Needless to say, the modern business environment has changed pretty dramatically since then. Telecommuting, teleconferencing and a new era of digital collaboration have meant that audio-visual technology … Continue reading Why No Serious Business Can Go Without Audio-Visual Installation

In business, there are few constants. Such is the nature of the free market and the march of technology that business has transformed almost beyond recognition in the last 30 years and, today, few businesses can operate effectively without technology. It’d led to innovation at a truly impressive rate, including a revolution in collaborative working … Continue reading The Three Pieces of Technology Every Conference and Board Room Needs

Bad audio is something that nobody wants to have to deal with. Quiet, muddy, lacking in clarity and indistinguishable from background hum – well, that’s a recipe for audio unpleasantness. The situation is worse still in professional or educational environments, where bad audio can destroy an otherwise effective pitch or prevent students from learning successfully. … Continue reading Why Choose a Bluetooth Soundbar

If there’s one thing you can point to as a constant within the world of technology, it’s change. Time brings with it refinement and improvement. Almost every piece of technology in your life, whether it’s the hammer in your shed or the smartphone in your pocket has changed dramatically over time, becoming the indispensable tool … Continue reading The Future of A/V Part Two: Audio