UK accredited business installation

It wasn’t so long ago now that the idea of collaborative working was wheeling an A1 pad of paper into a room and breaking out the marker pens.

Needless to say, the modern business environment has changed pretty dramatically since then. Telecommuting, teleconferencing and a new era of digital collaboration have meant that audio-visual technology has found its way into even the most traditional of businesses.

It’s meant that now, more than ever before, AV installation specialists are required. Of course, that’s not an opinion held by everyone, but to our eyes, it’s utterly essential. Why? Well…

AV Isn’t IT

For any business in 2019, it can be hard to make ends meet from month to month and from year to year. It leads companies to cut costs where possible and, ideally, have teams do more than one job.

Unfortunately, in the case of audio-visual installation and support, it’s being left to the IT teams. What does managing a server stack have to do with effective audio-visual installation? We’re struggling to come up with an answer too.

Quite simply, AV isn’t IT, and it requires specialists who know what they’re doing and have a deep understanding of the subject. Not only does it create better results in the present, but it stops problems occurring down the line too.

It Creates Effective AV

What do we mean by ‘effective AV’? It doesn’t just mean AV that looks pretty and sounds good for a few people, but instead, it means audio-visual that works for everyone in the room at once.

Well designed AV installation means positioning speakers in places which ensure full coverage of a room, screens in places where they can be viewed by everyone and simple connectivity that means sharing your screen, presentation or idea never poses a problem.

Audio-Visual Integration is More Complicated than Ever

Technology is everywhere and the proliferation of smart devices has meant that the world of audio-visual installation has become more complicated than ever before.

We cast our laptops to big screens, share our devices with colleagues around the world and work in ways that would seem improbable even a few years ago.

It requires intelligently designed systems which are not only built for the use-cases of today but the emerging ones of tomorrow. It’s an area where AV installation specialists thrive and a huge reason why you can’t afford to skimp when it comes to proper installation.

It Leads to Cohesive Systems

We’ve all set up a television or two, but when you’re managing the installation of upwards of ten interconnected systems within a business, all of which need to be able to communicate effectively and consistently… Well, that’s a different story entirely.

The sheer wealth of knowledge that professional AV installation brings to the table not only means you get the right kit for the job, but it also means that everything works together seamlessly with as few annoying button presses as possible.

It Looks Beautiful

You don’t need telling that your office is a reflection of your business, it’s why you employ cleaners. So, when it comes to your AV, why tolerate mess?

Professional AV installation results in a beautiful finish where cables disappear behind walls, unsightly equipment is hidden out of site and your workspace resembles the beautiful, minimalist space you’ve always dreamt it to be.

It’s a benefit that’s only felt when you call in the professionals and just another reason why you can’t afford to rely on anything else other than professional AV installation.