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Headphones & Microphones for Schools & Colleges
At KPMS we recognise the need for the provision of even the most everyday item and because of this requirement we can offer a wide range of Headphones and Microphones to suit even the most demanding situation. With our range of Headphones we cover all areas from in-ear headphones, multi-media headsets with boom mics, headphones with volume control, lightweight headphones, high quality professional hifi stereo headphones and Bluetooth enabled headphones.

We have a range of headphones that are colour coded and designed especially for classroom use, our range is wide and bulk deals are available on all headphones that we supply. To complement our wide range of Headphones we can also offer a wide range of microphones from hand held standard condenser microphones, tie clip, lavalier, studio, vocal, music, shotgun microphones, goose neck, paging microphones, UHF and VHF cordless microphones, omnidirectional and boundry microphones, conference and many more.

With a wide range of body packs and hand held transmitters, microphone mixers, phantom power units, mic stands and microphone holders we really do have every type of microphone and accessories to cover all range of requirements and budgets. If you’re unsure about which cordless mics to buy then speak with our sales team who will be happy to discuss the various options on either channel 38 unlicensed or licensed channel 70 options.

To complement our range of microphones we have a vast range of high quality cables and leads needed to make your installations complete, with all types of connections available from XLR, XLRF, XLRM, 6.3MM, 3.5MM we really do have every lead you will ever need, this teamed with a huge range of stands from tripod mic stands, mini tripod stands, boom microphone stands, desk stands, goose neck, wind shields and Pop screens we have the range of accessories to complete your set up.

Bulk deals are available on our range of microphones and accessories and for more information or to discuss bulk pricing give our sales team a call on 0845 4509770 or e mail your requirements to