What makes good AV design

Each and every day we’re in contact with customers who simply don’t know what to look for in their purchase. Of course, you know you need a projector, but do you know what kind of projector you need? Headphones are an educational requirement, but sourcing them at scale? That’s not so simple.

When it comes to AV, getting it right is never an easy task. Technology moves at a rapid rate and understanding not only your present requirements but how those requirements will change in the future is almost impossible for the normal person.

It’s why our audio-visual consultancy is a smart choice for any business, big or small. We help you understand what you need to bring your project to fruition, whether it’s a conference hall or a meeting room, classroom or office building, our professional team are there to help every step of the way.

We work alongside architects, builders, quantity surveyors and IT professionals prior to and during the project to ensure that every project will be completed in time. We can also give advice on retrofitting equipment to existing spaces, but why should you opt for professional audio-visual advice? Here are a few huge reasons.

More Effective Solutions

Great AV isn’t about filling your space with expensive equipment, it’s about picking the right pieces of technology for the right space and connecting them together in such a way that enables more advanced use cases.

We’re talking about fully wireless audio solutions which enable presenters to move unencumbered across the stage without bumping into wires, aesthetically improved venues and screens which can broadcast custom video at the press of a button.

Professional AV consultancy ensures joined up thinking from the very start of your project, helping to save plenty of headaches down the line.

Cost Effective Technology

When you’re planning an AV installation, it can be easy to assume that the more expensive a product is, the better it will be.

Well, we don’t need to tell you that’s not always the case. In fact, by simply opting for the more expensive model you can end up with features which you’ll never use, at a significant cost to your business.

So, whilst professional audio-visual advice doesn’t come for free, the savings made from correct planning and purchasing ensure that the advice can more than pay for itself. Working within a budget is vital for any business, so don’t waste money where you don’t have to.

A Deep Understanding of your Needs

Our expert team of AV consultants have seen it all when it comes to AV installation, with almost every possible required AV set up crossing their path at some point. Of course, every installation is different, but within just a few short days, we’ll know exactly what you need and exactly how to help you get it.

It’s a huge part of our service and it allows us to not only meet your current needs but ensure that your installation remains effective for years and years to come too.