bluetooth soundbar for schools

Bad audio is something that nobody wants to have to deal with. Quiet, muddy, lacking in clarity and indistinguishable from background hum – well, that’s a recipe for audio unpleasantness.

The situation is worse still in professional or educational environments, where bad audio can destroy an otherwise effective pitch or prevent students from learning successfully. It’s a situation you simply can’t risk, but when it comes to upgrading your audio, things can get a touch confusing.

There are literally dozens of options when it comes to improving your audio output, from satellite speakers around the edge of the room to PA systems for loud, high-quality audio output.

Those options suit some businesses and educational establishments, but for those looking for a more modest upgrade to their low-quality built-in audio, what should you be looking for? Well, we think that a Bluetooth soundbar is an ideal way to enjoy a boost to audio quality without breaking the bank. Here’s why.

They’re Compact

Space is at a premium in any functional room, and for most organisations, the notion of installing a number of speakers and an amplifier in every room is something simply not worth considering.

A Bluetooth soundbar, like our 40w Bluetooth soundbar, is little more than a compact black rectangle. Easily installed on any wall with keyhole slots, this Bluetooth soundbar is highly unobtrusive, measuring just 940 x 60 x 66mm. That makes it suitable for almost any space, regardless of how small the room.

They’re Versatile

Unlike many audio solutions, which are designed to be connected via a physical connection, soundbars often feature a number of different connection options.

With an integrated USB port for playing audio recordings from a USB drive, two 3.5mm input ports and full Bluetooth connectivity, our Bluetooth soundbar offers a huge number of ways to connect your devices. Whether you’re presenting via a laptop, booting up a smart board for a class or simply playing an audio recording from a USB stick, a Bluetooth soundbar makes connecting effortless.

They Sound Great

Soundbars might not offer the earth-shattering sound of a large dedicated audio system, but they do greatly improve upon the audio output of even high-end displays and projectors.

The built-in sound from screens and projectors are designed with both cost and space in mind. As such, their outputs are weak and tinny in comparison to even modest soundbars. Whilst built-in sound works in a pinch, most manufacturers expect that customers will upgrade their audio at some point.

With a Bluetooth soundbar, you can expect richer sounding audio, clearer vocals, more expansive bass and generally superior audio across the board.

Starting from just £59.00 ex-vat, our range of soundbars is the quick, compact and effective way to improve audio performance without draining your finances. To learn more, get in touch with us today or browse our full range here.