No matter how far technology seems to move on an almost daily basis, there remains something inherently magical about wireless technology.

Seeing technology which used to amount to an endless parade of wires perform the same functions without the tangle is amazing, but most of all it enables all-new use cases for the technologies around us.

One of the major innovations in recent years has been around the high-definition connectivity standard HDMI. Used everywhere from laptops to games consoles, HDMI allows compatible devices to send a combined video and audio signal in up-to 4K quality.

However, owing to the very high bandwidth requirements of 4K video, it’s impractical to send a 4K HDMI signal wirelessly.

The good news? 4K HDMI sender receivers like the 4K-725 are here, and it can extend your HDMI quickly and easily through a simple CAT 6-8 cable, and we’ve answered all your pressing concerns in our FAQ below. Let’s get started:

What Resolutions Can the 4K-725 Broadcast In?

The 4K-725 is capable of broadcasting 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p, 2K & 4K resolutions from either TV or PC inputs. Do note, however, that the 4K-725 only features an HDMI-in and out, so all devices connected to will need to feature HDMI ports.

Will the 4K-725 Reduce Image or Quality?

By using Lite HD BaseT technology 4K UHD HDMI signals can be transmitted up to 70m away without any loss of signal quality. Additionally, the 4K-725 features High Dynamic Range (HDR) with BT.7090 colour space, for unerring quality. This makes it ideal for home theatre usage where advanced quality features like HDR are valuable.

The 4K-725 also features support for the majority of modern audio standards, including Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby, TrueHD, DTS-HD, DTS-HD High Res and Master Audio up to BchPCM.

Can you Control the Input Source Through the 4K-725?

There’s no use in having an HDMI sender-receiver unless you can also control the input device. The good news is that the 4K-725 features a 3.5mm IR connector at 30-125kHz, which allows you to, say, control a Blu-ray player without having to leave the room.

How Big is the 4K-725?

The 4K-725 measures 18mm x 115mm x 65mm (H x W x D), making it one of the smallest range extender options on the market.

Can the 4K-725 Connect to Other 4Konnect Products?

The 4K-RX725 or 4K-TX725 can connect to any other product in the 4Konnect range as an extended into or out of a matrix or splitter, ensuring that it fits seamlessly in with the pre-existing 4Konnect products that you may own.

What Applications is the 4K-725 Suited To?

Thanks to the support for 4K and a host of advanced audio standards, the 4K-725 is best suited to situations where high audio-visual standards are demanded. Whether you’re planning on displaying media within your business or simply want to operate a home-cinema without the boxes, wires and cables which go along with a typical setup, the 4K-725 is ideal.

To learn more about the 4K-725 or any other of our HDMI sender receivers, get in touch today.