do you need one

There are numerous ‘needs’ which constantly drive forward technologies. These include everything from size to longevity, but perhaps the largest driving force in recent years has been ‘portability’.

It’s a need which has pushed forward standard like WiFi, Bluetooth and even wireless charging. It’s part of the wireless revolution which has meant that we can now go anywhere and do almost anything with our technology without having to lug around cables and wires.

It’s a shift which has affected almost every piece of technology in our lives, and that includes our microphones.

At KPMS, we sell a wide range of headphones and microphones, many of them wireless, for both educational and professional environments, but why would you choose a wireless microphone? Here are our thoughts:

Total freedom

Whether you opt for a lapel mic, an in-ear headphone and mic combo or a standalone wireless microphone, the biggest advantage of wireless microphones is the fact that those using them can go wherever they please, without worry of wires getting in your way.

It allows for more complicated stage setups and fewer limitations for speakers as they move about across the stage. Freedom to move around without wires is an often-underrated feature, one which can revolutionise the way you present.

Lower maintenance costs

We don’t need to tell you, but cables are prone to failure. It’s a frustration, but there’s little which can be done about it.

Sadly, the fact is that microphone cables are constantly put under significant stress. From the bend which occurs at the base of the microphone to people treading on them, running them over with carts and placing other equipment on top of them. Over time, this can cause the cables to fail or malfunction and put an instant halt to any presentation you might be hoping to give.

By removing the cable, wireless microphones are significantly less prone to failure due to the lack of moving parts. It’s an important consideration when you’re considering the long-term costs of a microphone.

Improved visuals

Presenting to a large crowd is as much about the stage show as it is about what’s being said. Ensuring that your stage design doesn’t distract, draw attention away from the speaker or inhibit the free movement of your speaker is absolutely essential.

However, things get very complicated when you’re managing your stage design around the limitations of a wired microphone. Rather than designing for excitement and comfort, you’re designing for a limited range of movement.

Wired microphones also preclude any sort of crowd work, making wireless microphones an absolute essential when you’re presenting to a conference where a crowd may be expecting a question and answer section at its end.

These are just a few of the reasons why our wireless microphone solutions are so popular, coming from a variety of popular manufacturers and with our installation service, it’s simply never been easier to invest in a wireless microphone system. Get in touch with us to learn more today!