ELX200-15 15" passive loudspeaker

The ELX200-15 is an impressive new speaker from Electro-Voice designed for schools, businesses, and other professional use with a full-range 15″ loudspeaker for robust, high-quality sound in a durable yet portable enclosure.

Quick review

The ELX200-15 produces clear, powerful audio perfect for speech and music playback, with a 15″ woofer providing impactful low end down to 52Hz while the titanium compression driver handles the mids and highs up to 19kHz. The bass is tight and punchy, thanks to the large woofer. Mids are present without colouration. Highs come through crisp and detailed without harshness. Overall, the ELX200-15 has a balanced sound.

Sound quality

Passive loudspeakers like the ELX200-15 offer advantages for sound quality. Without onboard amplifiers and signal processing, all the speaker components work together seamlessly to reproduce the input signal.

The ELX200-15’s high-spec woofer and tweeter combine with the patented SST waveguide to deliver linear, low-distortion output. Vocals sound natural, highs are crystalline, and lows pack a punch. This speaker ensures accurate response across the spectrum by optimising the driver design and waveguide integration.

Having two discrete left/right sources improves imaging and spatiality for a more immersive live sound. The ELX200-15’s high power handling ensures ample clean output for rock, hip-hop, EDM, and other genres. Finally, pairing speakers provides redundancy – if one fails, the show can continue. With robust construction and pro-grade components, the ELX200-15 is ideal for paired systems in demanding live sound environments.

Patented technology

EV’s patented SST waveguide technology allows for precise coverage while minimising distortion, even at high volumes. The waveguide seamlessly integrates the woofer and tweeter for accurate reproduction across the frequency spectrum. Music, speech, and multimedia playback all benefit from this sophisticated transducer and waveguide design.

Size and weight

Despite its large components, the ELX200-15 maintains a reasonably compact, portable form factor. It measures 27.95″ tall by 16.65″ wide and weighs 41 pounds.

Integrated pole mounts, handles and suspension points make transportation easy, and the rugged polypropylene enclosure is built to withstand real-world use. An 18-AWG steel grille with a powder-coated finish protects the front.


Connectivity on the ELX200-15 is simple and versatile with dual NL4 connectors. Just plug in standard speaker cables, and you’re set. The ELX200-15 is a passive loudspeaker, so it requires amplification, but it will easily integrate with any professional audio system. EV rates the loudspeaker for 1,200 watts of peak power handling to deliver serious output.

The verdict

With its combination of robust construction, high-quality components, and full-range hi-fidelity sound, the ELX200-15 passive loudspeaker provides an unbeatable package for venues and clients seeking an affordable yet powerful loudspeaker solution.

You can buy the speaker here, and if you have any questions, call us on 01924 423 111 or email info@kpms.co.uk, and we’ll be glad to help.