laptop stand for presenting

Let’s face it, when it comes to presenting to crowds there are very few of us who feel truly comfortable.

Like being the centre of attention at a massive party, every word you say, every move you make is scrutinised, examined and noticed. Needless to say, it’s not something many of us look forward to.

A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of articles covering helpful tricks to improve your comfort, mental state and tone for the big day, but when it comes to helpful hardware? Well, those articles are few and far between.

It’s a shame too, because presenting to crowds can be made infinitely easier by having the right equipment around you as you speak. What kind of equipment? Join us as we take a look.

Laptop/Tablet Computer Stand

Modern presentations are almost always accompanied by a laptop or a tablet beaming glossy, beautifully presented slides up to a massive projector screen. They add quality to any presentation and provide a useful focal point for those watching.

However, it can be tricky setting these devices up on stage and tougher still to read them whilst you’re giving your presentation.

That’s why we recommend investing in a laptop computer stand for your presentation. Fully adjustable, a laptop stand will allow you to set the height of your laptop and angle it correctly so that it’s easy to use with one hand and remains in your eye line throughout your presentation.

Wireless Clicker

When you’re in full flow on stage, there’s nothing quite as distracting as having to make your way over to your laptop to click on the slide to advance your point. The situation gets worse when you’re introducing a topic on a line-by-line basis, with endless fidgeting required to keep your presentation moving at a brisk pace.

That is, unless you invest in a wireless remote control, otherwise known as a ‘clicker’. Small, handheld and with other useful features like laser pointers built in, these devices are ideal for moving freely across the stage whilst still remaining in perfect control of your slides.

Wireless Microphone

Unless you’re blessed with a monumental set of pipes, the chances are that when you give a presentation, you’re going to be using some form of amplification. Typically, that’s a wired microphone attached to a podium.

The problem with those fixed microphones is that you find yourself stuck to a single spot on the stage, unable to wander around, gesticulate or even retreat from the podium without the crowd losing the ability to hear you speak.

It’s an issue which is remedied via the use of a wireless microphone. Whether it’s a lapel mic, which leaves both hands free or a handheld microphone, which gives you control over when you are and aren’t heard, a wireless microphone can bring huge value to your presentation, freeing you from the podium.