Aver Vision U70+ Visualiser

£289.00 ex VAT


Aver Vision U70 +

8M, 60fps, 4K/2K output resolution, SuperSpeed USB 3.0

The AVerVision U70 USB visualizer features exceptional portability and convenience as well as the ability to run solely o­ power from the computer. The lag-free 60fps frame rate, 8-megapixel camera sensor, 4K/2K output resolution, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and built-in microphone make it an excellent choice during video chats. Easily integrate U70 with an interactive whiteboard (IWB) via the AVerVision Flash Plug-in, or use A+ Plug-in for PowerPoint to capture high-quality visualizer images, record live video and audio.

Hassle-free live 4K/2K imaging

Show vivid, blur-free 30fps live video at 4K output resolution that will dazzle any audience, while utilizing the visualizer’s wide shooting area and long flexible arm to easily capture complete images of documents & objects larger than an A3 sheet of paper.

Easy online video streaming

Take advantage of U70’s quality 8-megapixel camera sensor, nearly instantaneous auto focus and built-in microphone to video chat through Skype™ and similar programs, streaming live images from the visualizer to friends, colleagues and pupils online.

Enjoy superior quality with SuperSpeed USB 3.0

Connect your visualizer to your computer or IWB easily via the U70’s USB 3.0 port. Both live video and recording are extra-clear and ultra-smooth.

Compact and portable design

Bring your U70 visualizer along with you wherever you go thanks to a lightweight design, a flexible arm and camera head that e­ffortlessly slip into the visualizer’s frame and a built-in handle for easy toting.

Explore new possibilities with A+ Suite

A+ Suite provides teachers with a range of interactive software to realize the full potential of their AVer visualizer. Integrate live images seamlessly into existing teaching material, while maintaining easy access to camera functions and tools, such as annotation, recording, image capture and picture-in-picture.