V500 Visualiser

£199.00 ex VAT

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8.0m Pixel, High Pixels Resolution by 1/2.5″ CMOS sensor – brighter and clear image produced by full HD sensor with max. 1080p resolution via HDMI output.

large image capture area (max. almost A3 size) – with 420 x 297mm, you can share information more flexibility

100x digital zoom – 100x digital zoom allows you to capture clear and loss less magnified image.

Large and Clear Controls for Easy Use – like projectors the control panel uses large and clear lettering

Simply of Video Recording – V500 can save the video in SD card and play it.

One touch auto focus – press focus button on the panel to get clearer picture from blurry.

PC Less Annotation – Add written text and drawing to the live image, and save both annotation and image data together.

Image roaming drag region zoom in – Show content beyond the display window, roaming dragging and also region zoom in, making teaching easily.

Marquee zoom – with touch screen use, through the box selected part, you can screen full view of the selected local details.

Split Screen function – Allows the live image of an object being captured to be displayed alongside an image stored on the external memory.

Image Rotation – Capture images of 3D objects/whiteboard/chalkboard can be easily done by adjusting the arm position and rotating camera head.

Portability – The new mechanical structure allows users to fold and easy to store.

Microscope Capability on V500m – optional model V500m is compatible with 20-34mm eyepiece from different microscopes.

Carriage exc VAT £8.95


Model  V500
  Image sensor      ¼ CMOS  Auto Focus
 Frame rate  5MP 2592*1994

SXGA 1280*960

1080P 1920*1080

720P 1280*720

 Image edit  Auto white balance/ Contrast ratio/ Brightness control/  Sharpness saturation/ Edge enhancement/ Digital  denoise/ Freeze/ Division/ Picture-in-picture/ Mirror/  Image roate/ Annotate/ USB control
 Digital Zoom  *10
 Clour display  Colour/ Black& white/ Negative
 Photograph(Analog)  JPEG,1080P,5M
 Video  (Analog)  720P/25,1080P/5(AVI)
 Photograph(USB)  1080P,5M

YUV 2592*1944/2fps

YUV 1920*1080/5fps     MJPG 1920*1080/15fps

YUV 1280*720/12.5fps  MJPG 1280*720/15fps

YUV 800*600/15fps       MJPG  800*600/15fps


 DC power adapter  EA12V 1A
 Audio Built-in MIC  MIC/12S Coder(12S IN HDMI)
 USB interface  Support mouse / USB cable
 SD  SD2.0/ 32G
 VGA interface  VGA-IN, VGA-OUT
 VGA/ HDMI  1920*1080@60HZ 1280*1024@60HZ

1024*786@60HZ 1280*720@60HZ

 Key button  Zoom in/ Zoom out/ Focus/ Far focus/ Close focus/Light/ Main menu/ On-line/ Resolution