XCALIBUR 44 4×4 Matrix Switcher with 4 x mirrored HDMI + 4 x HX Outputs

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  • HDMI 2.0 (18Gbps) 4K60 4:4:4 in and out
  • Mirrored HDMI and HX outputs
  • 1080p to 150m, 4K60 to 120m over Cat6 cable
  • HDR, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG and Dolby vision
  • Down Scaler – 4K to 1080p
  • Bi-directional IR
  • RS232 control
  • LAN control
  • CEC Control of source and sink devices
  • Audio – Digital & Analogue De-embedding
  • EDID and HDCP Control/management
  • Test Pattern Generator – Various patterns
  • VKA (Video Keep Alive)
  • PoC – Power all Receivers from Matrix

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Xcalibur 44 – Matrix Switcher & Extender set, using HX Technology

Xcalibur matrices from SY Electronics, featuring HX technology, present a dependable and cost-effective solution for effectively handling high bandwidth video distribution, forming a reliable hub in sectors including Education, Residential, Offices/Meeting Rooms and Commercial.

Xcalibur 44 Matrix Switcher, Splits and Extends 4x HMDI Inputs to 4x Outputs with mirrored HX and HDMI ports on each output, providing a total of 8 outputs. The set comes supplied with 4x Xcalibur 11 Receivers.

This feature rich Matrix is HDMI 2.0 capable (in & out), with mirrored HDMI & HX outputs. Using the HX technology, Xcalibur can send 4K60 4:4:4 (18Gbps) signals to 120m and 1080p to 150m, using Cat6 cable.
HDR, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG and Dolby vision are also supported.

Xcalibur 44 has a host of useful features: Bi-directional IR, RS232 & LAN Control, Down-Scaling, Test Pattern, De-embed Balanced stereo Audio & Digital Audio Outputs, VKA, PoC, HDCP and EDID management. In addition, the included Xcalibur receivers have an analogue De-embed Audio Output.

4×4 Matrix Switcher – Route any 4x Inputs to any 4x Output channels.

Mirrored Outputs – 4x HDMI outputs as well as 4x HX Outputs (mirrored HDMI ports). Each HDMI/HX pair output the same video image, although each HDMI or HX output can be down-scaled independently.

Long Range transmission – It will transmit HDMI 2.0 video signals to 150m @1080p or 120m @4K60 4:4:4 over a Cat6 cable, utilising T568B wiring standard.

HDR – The Xcalibur product range supports HDR, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG and Dolby vision.

Down Scaling – Built in Down-Scaler on each output (HDMI as well as HX), that may be used in either Auto Mode (default) or selected manually. 4K signals can be scaled down to 1080p while retaining the Refresh Rate, (frame rates are always preserved), eg; a 4K source can be displayed on a 1080p display automatically, whilst the same source may be displayed as 4K on another output. The HDMI outputs can also be Scaled down independently of their associated HX output port, to suit the particular connected Display.

HDCP Control – Support and management of HDCP ensures compatibility. The Xcalibur 44 enables you to control the HDCP of the inputs and outputs separately. You can convert from HDCP 2.2 down to HDCP 1.4, or simply put the unit into Cascade Mode – No more HDCP issues.

EDID Management – As well as pass-through, there is a user programmable EDID memory option. You can choose to read and store the EDID data from any of the connected outputs or use one of the 21 Pre-set EDID options. Choices range from ‘1080p 2.0 channel’ through to ‘4K60 HDR 7.1 channel’. This facility can ensure the video source is optimised to suit the installation.

Output Stream Control – Each individual output (HDMI as well as HX) stream can be selectively enabled or disabled. In this way you can fully control each display.

Test Pattern Generator – We have equipped this professional device with an on-board ‘Test Pattern Generator’ complete with a choice of 6 Test Patterns including Checkerboard or Solid Colour Patterns, at 4K@60, 4K@30, 1080p@60. Perfect for commissioning or checking all the component parts from the Matrix to the display device.

VKA – ‘Video Keep Alive’ maintains video output whenever the input video is lost. This function can be very useful, particularly when used with projectors, which may otherwise shut down and then run a long cool down sequence. The unit can output a currently selected Test Pattern to prevent the display device from powering down, (by default the unit is in ‘VKA OFF mode’). Other options include ‘VKA Timed mode’ with a user programmable time-out interval of up to 4 hours long or maintained indefinitely until input signal is resumed.

Audio Support – Pass through of embedded audio signals up to 7.1 channels is supported. This is great for connection to a surround sound system with an HDMI input.

Audio De-embedder – Available via multi-channel Coaxial S/PDIF Digital or Stereo Balanced Analogue Audio outputs. The HX Receiver units also have De-embedded Stereo Analogue Audio (via 3.5mm jack).



IR – Equipped with a 4×4 IR Matrix, whereby the input IR signals will pass-through to the respective receivers, whilst matrix IR outputs are routed to the corresponding selected Receiver. This ensures the IR from a Receiver is routed as per selected source – Commonly referred to as ‘IR Follows Input’.
RS232 – There is also an RS232 port, which can route addressable RS232 commands to each output, thus providing discrete and independent 2-way RS232 control to each of the HX receivers, along with Global one way RS232 command transmission to all HX ports. The Xcalibur-44 Matrix unit can also be controlled through this RS232 connection, ensuring simple access to all parameters.
LAN Control – The Matrix has a LAN port allowing TCP/IP control via an ethernet driver. The unit also has a built-in web server, facilitating easy use of many functions and general selections.
CEC Control – The device will pass through all CEC commands from input to output. Sources and displays can also be controlled via CEC commands by using the built-in WEB GUI, or RS232 commands. It allows control of any CEC enabled equipment for either the HDMI inputs or the HDMI/HX output ports, with functions such as: Power On/Power Off, Transport Controls, Menu operations and Volume control.

Web GUI Interface Control – The device has a built-in web server with separate page tabs, offering configuration and control of all parameters.

PoC – The Xcalibur 44 Matrix also provides power to the Xcalibur- 11 Receivers via the PoC (Power over Cable) system. No need for any PSU at the receiver end. Power to the matrix is via IEC C14 mains cable.