Review Summary

The Samsung SMHG75EJ690YB is an innovative display screen, ideal for use in hotels and other commercial settings. It offers a wide range of great features, enabling you to tailor your display content easily. However, the picture quality makes this product stand out from the competition, with consistent UHD resolution.


If you’re looking for a highly sophisticated way to deliver visual content in a customer-facing business setting, the Samsung SMHG75EJ690YB is ideal. This 4k commercial display screen has been designed for the hotel industry, making it super-easy for you to display essential information to all your customers. You can even tailor each customer’s message, enabling you to provide an all-important personal touch.

Usability and features

The large 75″ screen is a real selling point, and it’s ideal for a busy hotel reception but can look equally at home in a sophisticated suite.

It features an outstanding Crystal UHD display, perfect for displaying your content while offering guests a great way to watch their chosen entertainment during their stay.

All content is showcased at UHD resolution (3,840 x 2,160). The display screen also features four times the pixels of the FHD standard, giving an ultra-sharp, crisp effect.

The enhanced picture quality is also enabled by HDR10+ picture refinement, which gives richer detail and deeper colours for a truly immersive viewing experience.

The screen features an intuitive, user-friendly home menu that makes it extremely easy for guests to switch between hotel messaging and entertainment.

The menu is highly customisable, so you can use it to ensure everyone knows about any promotions or special offers you’re running at any time.

Quick and responsive, the screen runs Samsung’s LYNK Reach 4.0 content platform. This enables swift, straightforward messaging between you and your guests.

Any maintenance issues can be reported and resolved quickly and easily. Guests can even use the system to check out at the end of their stay.

Connectivity and requirements

The Samsung SMHG75EJ690YB features three HDMI and two USB ports, making it easy for guests to connect to their smart devices. This provides them with a screen suitable for both work and entertainment.

The screen uses the powerful TIZEN operating system, ensuring secure connectivity and content delivery. The operating system also allows you to store apps, making life even more convenient for you and your guests.

The LYNK REACH 4.0 content management system is compatible with existing LAN and Wi-Fi, simplifying your messaging and hotel management.


The product comes with a standard three-year, next business day, on-site warranty.


If you’re looking for a versatile, highly connective, user-friendly screen with all the latest technology, the Samsung SMHG75EJ690YB is an excellent choice.

It benefits from all of Samsung’s experience making high-end televisions and commercial screens, but this is truly an upgrade. The picture quality is vastly superior to most commercial screens, and the intuitive content management system makes this an ideal product for hotel managers and guests.