Screen International Major Pro C 500cm X 313cm, 16/10 Format Non Tensioned Electric Screen 5m


The Screen International Major Pro C is a high-quality electric projector screen well-suited for dedicated home theaters and media rooms. This 500cm x 313cm (16:10 aspect ratio) screen features a tab-tensioned, 1.1-gain white matte projection surface mounted on a durable aluminium frame. Controlled by the included RF remote, the screen silently lowers and raises via the internal motor and pre-set limit switches. With its large viewing area, this Screen International model delivers an immersive viewing experience ideal for movies, sports, gaming, and more.

Build Quality and Design

Constructed from rugged aluminum with white casing, the Major Pro C features a rigid frame designed to prevent any distortion of the projection surface. The surface itself consists of a white, 1.1-gain matted material with a 160° viewing angle evenly stretched across the frame. This creates a perfectly flat surface essential for clear image projection, free from distortion or hot-spotting.

The electric motor drive system operates smoothly and quietly, retracting the screen into its protective housing when not in use. The screen’s durable construction and use of quality components ensure reliable functionality over years of regular use.

Installation Weighing 32kg, the Major Pro C requires mounting onto a solid wall or ceiling using the included brackets, screws, and anchors. With all hardware included along with clear instructions, installation is straightforward as long as the location has adequate structural support. Electrical plug placement should allow the screen to be mounted properly while keeping cords out of sight. The screen housing protrudes 20cm from the wall when retracted.

Performance and Picture Quality

Offering a substantial 500-cm diagonal and a 16:10 widescreen surface area, the Major Pro C delivers an immersive cinematic experience far surpassing smaller projector screens. The tab-tensioned matte white material provides impressive image clarity and color accuracy without distortion. Its 1.1 gain reflects light evenly across the entire surface, preventing dim edges or hotspotting. The projection surface material also does an excellent job of absorbing ambient light at deep black levels.

With an active area measuring 500cm x 313cm, the 16:10 aspect ratio works very well for HDTV and media content while also handling wider 2.35:1 movie formats with matte bars. Extra vertical space is available above and below for specialized applications like flight simulators. This large screen is ideal for dedicated home theaters where controlling light is possible.

Remote Control Screen operation is controlled by the included RF remote. This allows the screen to be wirelessly lowered, raised, or stopped at any position. RF provides reliable connectivity without requiring line-of-sight. The remote conveniently fits on a wall bracket for easy access, and it allows screen limit positions to be set during installation.


Priced similarly to competing tensioned screens over 500cm, the Screen International Major Pro C delivers premium quality and performance for the money. For dedicated home theater use, this electric screen model makes an excellent centerpiece capable of showcasing ultra HD 4K and 1080p HD projection.


Featuring robust construction quality with an extra-large viewing area, the Screen International Major Pro C 500cm x 313cm tab-tensioned electric screen excels at delivering an immersive projected image free from distortion. For serious home theater enthusiasts prioritizing screen size and performance over budget, the Major Pro C represents a worthwhile investment sure to provide many years of exceptional function and enjoyment.