Right display for you

Picking the right displays for your business can be a difficult decision to make. With so many models on the market and so many potential use cases, you need a display adept in all scenarios, from shopfront promotions to boardroom presentations.

You don’t need to shop around for a display which handles both adeptly though, all you need the Sharp PN-Q601.

With a stunning 60” 1080p display and a price any business can afford, the PN-Q range from Sharp was designed to combine professional Full-HD LCD monitors with superb design, a thin profile and business-friendly features which make them a snip to use.

The PN-Q601 is designed for prolonged display applications like you might find in a showroom or store. Capable of running effortlessly 16 hours a day, 7 days a week without screen burn in – an impressive feat, especially given the 350cd/m2 brightness that ensures messages, text, video and images display clearly, even in bright office spaces.

Combined with the built-in USB media support for running presentations, videos and other media without the use of a PC and 10w + 10w inbuilt speakers, it means that the PN-Q601 is the hassle-free, standalone solution for your business.

Regardless of whether you install it on a wall, where it’s slim profile ensures unobtrusive installation, or make use of the stand base included, the PN-Q601 features a remote control for simple control and navigation. For those times when you can’t use the remote control though, you can send commands over a LAN or RS232 connection, helping you to manage multiple displays in a shopfront environment where it might not be possible.

But what other features does the Sharp PN-Q601 pack within its sleek frame?

Dedicated B2B Features

Anyone can shove a television up on a wall, but whilst those screens can perform many of the same functions, they aren’t designed for the business environment. The PN-Q601 includes a powerful RS-232C command set, which permits flexible remote-control capabilities from connected devices.

Business owners will also appreciate the lockout features, which allow administrators to lock off IR Remote, Power, Volume, Input, OSD disable and LED functions. Combined with the USB functionality and 16/7 operating functionality and you’ve got a screen which can work for any business.

Amazing Picture Quality

Ultimately, a screen lives and dies by its image quality, but thankfully Sharp haven’t neglected the most important element.

The 60” screen on the PN-Q601 is pin sharp thanks to its 1080p display and delivers gorgeous colour depth, 4,000000:1 contrast and consistent image and lighting quality to better display pictures, video or text. Indeed, that screen is front and centre thanks to the minuscule 11.1mm bezels, which give the impression of a floating screen!

Superior Connectivity

A quality professional display should be able to display anything you need it to, and the PN-Q601 doesn’t disappoint in that regard. With 3 HDMI ports, 2 composite video inputs, one component video in and USB in, there’s virtually nothing you can’t connect to your new screen.