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Business has changed, and with it, so has the way that we display information to clients and customers. Gone are posters, billboards and signs, replaced with sleek, modern, high-resolution displays capable of displaying more than mere images or text, but video, slideshows and, well, just about anything you can imagine.

They’re utilised in shop windows, boardrooms and collaborative working spaces and whilst there’s a huge variety of displays currently on the market, there are fewer displays designed explicitly for professional usage.

That’s where products like Sony’s FFW-75XE8501 come in. This 4K Sony LED Screen packs every feature a business could require and combines it with the style and performance you’d expect from a leading brand like Sony.

Powered by the latest X1 processor and with advanced control, professional mode, optional interactive compatibility, 18/7 operation and an embedded HTML5 platform for easy digital signage creation; this Bravia display is designed to suit any professional environment.

The highlight, however, is that 4K display. 4K, for those unaware, is four-times the resolution of a Full-HD (1080p) display. That’s four times as many pixels squeezed into a 75” display, resulting in a dramatically sharper screen that’s perfect for showing off your promotional videos, graphic design work or even just text – which gets a significant clarity boost thanks to the display.

Professional grade tuning ensures that colour grading and image clarity is as high as possible, and four HDMI inputs ensure that you can hook up multiple devices to the big screen at once. Even if you’re not sending 4K content to the screen, the processor inside the monitor will upscale images to full 4K resolution.

All this, in a screen which is dramatically thinner and more energy efficient than you might imagine.

Where can you use a Sony Bravia LED?

A 4K Professional Display from Sony can be utilised in almost any environment. Here’s where we think they can really shine through:

Corporate & Business Environments

Easy to install and entirely unobtrusive, Bravia 4K displays make for a smart choice or boardrooms, lobbies and meeting areas, where their 4K upscaling technology can make even the busiest charts legible.

With HDMI inputs and flexible automation, control and screen management options, Sony LED Screen’s seamlessly integrate into any AV environment. Best of all though, because 4K is fast becoming the standard of the day, you’re futureproofing your system for the years to come.

Retail Environments

Nothing grabs attention like bold sales messages, pictures or video on a 4K Bravia display, and with the TRILUMINOUS Display technology packed into every Sony LED screen, you can be sure your promotional material will pop in-store. Meanwhile, extremely high energy efficiency ensures that you can run your display throughout the day without fear of high operating costs

The Sony FFW-75XE8501 also comes with support for USB input devices, so you can play media directly from a USB stick, alongside support for network file playback.

To find out more about the Sony FFW-75XE8501 or any of our professional display solutions, get in touch today.