how to choose a projector screen

For many of us in business and education, projectors form a vital part of our daily life. They help us educate, enlighten and share, whether that’s in the boardroom or the classroom.

Available in a wide variety of models which offer a huge degree of flexibility, projectors can be installed almost anywhere. Regardless of where you install them, however, you’ll need a projector screen to make the most of their talents.

Typically, you’ll find that most businesses and educational establishments utilise projectors which are fixed to the wall. But did you know that your options don’t stop at fixed projector screens? In fact, there’s a whole world of portable projector screens available. Here’s why you could benefit from a portable projector:

Decreased installation costs

Mounted projector screens might be ready whenever you need them, but the installation costs of such a system have to be factored into your decision making. Walls will need to be drilled in to and paintwork may be damaged in the process.

For businesses which rent premises, permanent installations of screens might not be permitted, which can also affect your decision making.

Portable projector screens, however, mean that you can forgo those installation worries and get on with your work quickly and easily. All of that, on top of the fact that many businesses only require one portable projector screen, rather than multiple fixed projector screens, ensure you’ve got much cheaper overall costs.

Greater flexibility

Modern business is marked out by, above all else, flexibility. The way we work in 2018 has changed dramatically thanks to the popularisation of mobile technologies. As such, doesn’t it follow that the way we project should be flexible too?

Portable projector screens mean you can start a presentation or collaborative working session from anywhere, regardless of whether there’s an existing projector and screen there. They also enable new use cases, like tabletop projection, where all you need is a table, a projector and a screen to start showing off your latest work.


With a portable projector screen, you never need to worry about where you locate your projector again. It’s a level of portability that makes moving from premises to premises and from business to business extremely easy, just pack up your projector and screen before heading out of the door.

For those visiting businesses around the country in order to pitch their products, portable projector screens make for a smart addition, enabling whole new ways of sharing your information with others.

Portability is an often-underrated trait in technology, but that doesn’t mean it can’t deliver for your business. Get in touch today and find out how our range of portable projector screens can help you.