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Let’s be honest, none of us enjoys replacing old technology. Over time we get used to old electronics, learn their curious ways and get comfortable with their ageing technologies. However, there comes a time in every piece of electronic equipment’s life where its eccentricities become too bothersome to persevere with. That’s the case for many … Continue reading When’s the Right Time to Replace your Old AV Equipment?

For most people, a projector is just a white box which displays images on flat walls, whether that’s a Blu-ray movie in your home, a PowerPoint presentation at the office or sales information on the walls of your business. However, what you might not realise is that within the world of projectors there are those … Continue reading What’s the Difference Between Data Projectors and Home Theatre Projectors?

In the world of projectors, there are those which are used in the home and those which are used in professional environments. Whilst they might perform similar functions, in practice, they’re actually significantly different, with strengths and weaknesses which mean that, although they all project images, some are more suited to professional applications than others. … Continue reading What Features Does a Heavy-Usage Projector Need?

Whether we like doing it or not, presenting is a foundational element of countless positions within both education and business. It’s how we get ideas across, how we communicate to large groups and more, but that doesn’t make it any easier. There are, however, certain tools we can use to make the process just that … Continue reading How to Choose the Right Lectern