fastfold screen

The Fast-Fold Deluxe Large Portable Screen is a foldable, portable projector screen in a wheeled case. It’s available in sizes up to 4m, making it one of the biggest screens of its kind, and it is deceptively easy to use and move around.

This expert review reveals everything you need to know about it, helping you decide whether it’s the right portable screen for your requirements.

Let’s jump in!


The Fast-Fold Deluxe Large Portable Screen is available as a front or rear projection screen, suitable for all projector setups.

It has a black-bordered screen to enhance contrast, and front projection versions have a black rear screen to enhance image quality. The screen is made of treated textile designed to roll and fold without degradation.

It’s available in sizes 1.8m-4.0m, and the case fits all the screen’s components, providing a simple and easy way to move between rooms.

Optional A braces are available for additional screen rigidity; these give the frame a stable platform ideal for use in high traffic areas.

Setting it up

The Fast-Fold Frame folds out and locks into shape on T bar feet. You then place the projector fabric into the frame with the frame on the floor, tightening the screen tension with studs.

To disassemble, you lower the screen flat on the floor and reduce the tension, letting you lift the screen away from the frame safely.

Image quality

The Fast-Fold Deluxe Large Portable Screen has a coated polyester textile screen that is designed to maximise image quality. It has a perfect surface texture, and the white surface with black borders enhances contrast.

There are no complaints about image quality; 4K content looks stunning, and lower resolutions are given the perfect platform to shine.

Build quality

The frame is aluminium with steel screws and connectors. Aluminium keeps the weight down, while steel provides strength where needed. The frame is sturdy, but you need to tighten all joints properly.

The screen can wobble if pushed, only because it stands on two legs. Wobbling reduces and stops on its own within a few seconds. You can also get A braces to reduce wobbling.


The Fast-Fold Deluxe Large Portable Screen is a serious piece of kit, suitable for presentations, events, trade shows and shop floors. It’s also perfect for school assembly halls, where a large screen is beneficial for presentations.

Overall, this is one of the best portable projector screens. Call us on 01924 423 111 or email to place your order.