visualisers for schools

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in education, it’s often true that a picture can be worth much, much more.

Effectively communicating ideas is the bedrock of great teaching and, in the modern classroom, we employ dozens of tools to do just that. From innovative technologies like smart boards to tried-and-tested educational techniques like demonstration and even singing, the classroom of 2019 is a place where many styles and, techniques and technologies intermingle effectively.

One of the latest technologies to enter the classroom is visualisers. Visualisers are the modern evolution of overhead projectors from days gone by. However, rather than projecting black and white images printed on plastic paper, visualisers feature a compact camera lens on an adjustable base.

When connected to a projector or screen, visualisers are capable of displaying a live feed of what they’re looking at. That allows teachers to show close up details, share documents with the class and so much more.

For any teacher, the possibilities offered by a visualiser are immediately obvious, but for buyers of AV equipment for educational establishments, how can visualisers improve the learning experience? Here are four common examples:

As a Microscope

Although most visualisers lack the highly powered magnification that specialist microscopes offer, visualisers have one huge advantage – everyone in the room can see what they see.

It enables teachers to show off details to a class, highlighting things which otherwise might be missed if an object, item or experiment is being passed around the room or being crowded around.

As a Way of Highlighting Good Work

As teachers, it’s always important that we take the time to recognise the good work being done by our students. Not only does this reinforce good behaviour, but it also acts as a helpful hint to the rest of the class about what they should be doing.

A visualiser enables a teacher to effortlessly share work with the class. Whether it’s a correctly tooled piece of wood in a design technology class or a beautiful example of brush technique in an art class, a visualiser enables it all to be shared.

As a Way to Show Technique

Many aspects of learning involve practical, hands-on activities. It’s a huge part of the sciences and is found in practical subjects like design technology, art and more. Correct technique is vital to the success of your students in these classes, but it’s often hard to show without some students missing out.

With a visualiser, you can display live-feed video of your hands as you display the correct technique, enabling everyone in the class to see exactly how it’s meant to be done.

As a Recording Device

It can often be hard for students to take whole and complete notes of the lessons they’re being taught, especially when they’re also trying to grasp difficult concepts.

It’s meant that teachers are increasingly relying on recording their lessons and hosting them online so that students can rewatch a lesson to fill in their notes.

It’s a job that visualisers are ideally suited to with their articulated camera arms and USB support. All you need is a piece of capturing software on your computer and you can effortlessly record your lessons.