TV stand business

Purchasing anything for a business or educational environment can be a real struggle. More often than not, you’re attempting to solve a problem within a strict budget, so getting your purchase right is of critical importance.

It’s no different when it comes to buying AV equipment. Touchscreens, projectors, speakers, wireless microphones and visualisers are all large expenses which have to be chosen carefully, as does the equipment you use to store, display and hold your AV equipment.

As leading suppliers of everything AV, we’re often asked questions about which product is right for a certain business or application and so, we’ve decided to answer of few of those questions right here on our blog.

Today, we’ll be tackling a very common question – whether you should invest in a stand or a trolley for your AV equipment. Let’s go.

Why Choose a Stand?

Screen stands come in a variety shapes and sizes for specific purposes, but generally, you’ll find that they’re designed to take a large TV/Touchscreen and support it.

Some models are designed to support a screen against a stud wall, offering strong structural support where there may not be any, meaning that almost any room can support a TV or touchscreen.

Other models simply offer freestanding support for your touchscreen, smart screen or television. Models like the Mono Multi Position Free Standing Screen Mount offer a powerful solution, with a built-in 3m long mains cable which powers a 4-way UK power strip for a fuss-free, beautiful AV solution.

In terms of cost, AV stands vary according to specification. Basic models, which offer support but no power, start from around £350, whilst models with features like built-in power strips, electronic articulation or very large screen sizes can cost more.

Why Choose a Trolley?

Trolleys share much in common with stands, in as much as both products will help display your screen. However, they have one crucial difference – portability.

Many businesses and educational establishments share AV equipment between multiple spaces and the fact that AV trolleys feature built-in wheels, capable of safely moving your equipment from room to room is a huge boost.

Basic models, which can support screens up to 70”, like the BT8504 Large Screen Trolley can cost as little as £317.

Other models, like this Hi-Lo® Mono 500 Electric Mobile Screen Lift, are on wheels and are fully articulated, meaning they can be moved from room to room and positioned at any height. Models with additional features like this make collaborative working a reality in any room and can be expected to cost more than a basic model.

Which is Right for You?

Ultimately, your choice will come down to your specific needs. Are you looking to provide a stable support for a screen in just one room? Then a stand could be the ideal choice for you.

If, however, you’d like the ability to easily roll your screen into another space then it’s hard to look beyond a trolley.