Hitachi UHD7510 75″ 4K Ultra HD Review

Hitachi UHD7510 75″ 4K Ultra HD Review

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The Hitachi UHD7510 is an advanced touchscreen interactive panel designed to be as responsive as a tablet.

The panel is good for 10-point multi-touch, which means you can theoretically use the 10 digits on your hand at the same time to perform various commands and gestures. The reality is you’ll use one, two, or three digits at most – the same as with your smartphone, but it’s good to know the functionality is there.

In use, Hitachi really has nailed speed and response on this panel. The UHD7510 responds instantly to inputs, allowing you to drag and drop, swipe, scroll, tap, rotate, zoom, and highlight and interact with content on the screen in numerous ways.

The functionality is as good as you get on the best tablets. It’s intuitive, and there’s no perceptible lag between input and action. This is an important point because ‘lag’ is by far our biggest gripe with most touchscreen panels.

The picture quality is fantastic too. We’d go as far as to say it’s as good as most 4K televisions. The resolution is up to Ultra HD 4K. The backlight is edge LED and the viewing angle is 178°/178°. This makes it really quite difficult to not be able to see the screen, even if you are sat in the corner of a room.

Videos are handled very well, and the glass has an anti-glare film. This makes viewing the display in a bright room a relatively comfortable experience, although it doesn’t cut out all glare so you might want to keep the blinds closed.

If you’ll be using your UHD7510 with a computer, the touchscreen works with Windows Multi-Touch and Mac Single Touch. You can use a touch pen, or a pointer, to interact with content on the screen if you’d rather not use your fingers.

In terms of connectivity support and terminals, there’s LAN, built-in Wi-Fi at 802.11 a/g/n, x2 USB Type-A ports, x2 HDMI ports, x2 display ports, x1 VGA port, x1 microphone mini 3.5mm jack, x1 3.5mm line out, and x1 D-Sub 9-pin. That should satisfy business, education and commercial users alike.

Any downsides? Well, the Hitachi UHD7510 looks stunning when on thanks to that bright 75” UHD panel, but it has quite thick bezels, so to the untrained eye it can appear to be one of those older LCD TV’s when it’s turned off. Other than that, you’re looking at a really great touchscreen panel. We highly recommend it.