Iiyama TE5503 MIS-B1AG 55

Review summary:

The Iiyama TE5503 MIS-B1AG is an excellent interactive touchscreen, with in-built software for annotations and drawing. The included dual-touch pens offer a variety of useful features, and you can directly interact with on-screen content. The 4K resolution makes the display future-proof, but it’s the higher-the-average contrast ratio of 1200:1 that delivers fantastic image quality, with deep blacks and excellent shadow detail.


The Iiyama TE5503 MIS-B1AG is a 55” 4K interactive touchscreen with an included Wi-Fi module so you aren’t tethered to Ethernet. It’s designed for education and corporate use, ideal for classrooms, assembly rooms and boardrooms.

Usability and features

The Iiyama TE5503 has a 55” 4K LED display (3840 x 2160) with a 16:9 aspect ratio, a static contrast of 2000:1 and a dynamic contrast of 4000:1, so from a picture quality perspective, it rivals mid-range 4K LED televisions.

The touch input has a 20-touch input with infrared technology, supporting all capacitive inputs, including stylus, finger and touchscreen gloves. It’s compatible with Windows and Linux, so you can connect it to most computers.

The display itself runs iiWare 8.0 (Android OS), featuring Note, web browser, file manager, cloud drives, WPS office and ScreenSharePro for wireless connection with Windows/iOS/Android devices. It has a dual core A73+A53 CPU, a Quad core Mali G51 GPU and 3GB of RAM with 16GB of internal memory.

Turn the interactive touchscreen on and it boots up in around 5 seconds. The display is responsive and quick to use. You can annotate on screen with your finger or the included pen, with annotation for all content types. You can change the annotation colour, change the shape, and save documents and notes in real-time.

Connectivity requirements

Because it runs its own Android-based software, you don’t need to use a computer with the Iiyama TE5503 MIS-B1AG. It is self-contained, but you might want to connect a computer to share files. Linux and Windows computers are supported.

The digital signal output is HDMI x1 at 4K resolution and there are x3 HDMI inputs, as well as x1 VGA input for older connections.


The Iiyama TE5503 MIS-B1AG has a five-year warranty when registered online, covering the display and the dual pens against defects.


The Iiyama TE5503 is a worthwhile investment for classrooms, assembly rooms and corporate use. The glass display is durable and future-proof, with a self-contained Android-based OS, and support for connections to Windows and Linux PCs. At £899 excluding VAT, few other touchscreens can match it for value.