6000 Lumens Projector

Review summary

While a typical lamp projector might have 2,500 lumens, the NEC P603X kicks out 6,000 lumens for the biggest spaces like auditoriums and sports halls. It’s a serious bit of kit for assuring a great viewing experience in large spaces, with a 0.79m minimum and 1.34m maximum throw. The 1124 x 768 pixels/ 4:3 aspect ratio makes it ideal for most media, including videos, demos and presentations.


The NEC P603X is a popular favourite in the projector world, delivering outstanding brightness for a reasonable price of £899 (excl. VAT). It sits in the medium-upper range of NEC’s portfolio, striking a balance between quality and cost. Look no further if you want a reliable projector that works faultlessly every time.

Usability and features

The NEC P603X has a 1.3-2.2:1 throw ratio. The ‘throw’ of a projector determines the image size when set at a distance. In other words, it tells us how big an image will be from a certain distance away and where to place the projector.

With a 1.3-2.2:1 throw ratio, the NEC P603X needs to be 1.3-2.2 feet away from the screen for every foot of image width. This is an excellent throw ratio for classrooms, boardrooms, and large spaces.

The native resolution is 1124 x 768 pixels, while the aspect ratio is 4:3. This isn’t the highest definition on the market nor the best for wide-format videos, but it does the job for most media, especially with larger screens.

It’s rated for up to 140” screen sizes and has a compact design. You can zoom in 1.7x optically (no quality loss) and adjust the keystones manually to correct the image. It’s a top choice if you want to maximise image quality.

You can feed the projector with a wired or wireless connection with an optional dongle, and there are plenty of ports – 1 x VGA, 2 x HDMI, and a USB input. You can use a USB stick to display content without a computer/PC.

The projector comes with a battery remote control and has a three-year projector warranty and a six-month lamp warranty (a 3-year lamp warranty for education).

The verdict

The NEC P603X is a great projector for filling up to 140” screens with a high-quality, colour-accurate image. It’s suitable for most rooms and will happily work in bright spaces thanks to the maximum 6,000-lumen brightness.

You can buy the projector here, and if you have any questions, call us on 01924 423 111 or email info@kpms.co.uk, and we’ll be glad to help.