Sahara Wall Mounted Active Speakers

Review summary:

You won’t power a rock concert with them, but the Sahara Wall Mounted Active Speakers are proof that competent active speakers don’t have to break the bank. They have their own in-built amplifier, detachable power cords, and they deliver professional-quality audio on a small budget, making them ideal for schools, studios and meeting rooms.

Sahara Wall Mounted Active Speakers Review

As you may know, active speakers have a built-in amplifier so all you have to do is connect the speakers to power and feed in a signal to make sound. This means you do not need an external amplifier. This simplifies an audio system but has the drawback of needing a power outlet for the speakers (battery or mains).

Another thing you may know is that active speakers can cost a lot of money – upwards of several thousand pounds. Active speakers that are priced below £100 for a pair are never at the top of the list for a great audio experience.

The Sahara Wall Mounted Active Speakers are a pleasant surprise in this respect. They produce sound that is crisp and loud. The power output is 20W per channel, which is enough to fill a room up to 6*6 square metres. If you need to fill a larger space, you can connect additional speakers to your system and place them strategically.

Measuring in at H 250 mm x W 142 mm x D 130 mm, the Sahara Wall Mounted Active Speakers are not the smallest active speakers but that’s because they have high-quality amps and drivers. They are designed for wall mounting and come with brackets. Mounting them is easy and each speaker weighs around 2kg.

Inputs and performance

The Sahara Wall Mounted Active Speakers have inputs for PC, DVD and VCR or you can hookup your own compatible connector. They have an IR remote which is an upgrade from the wired remote some older systems have.

Getting started with these speakers is easy. All you need to do is connect them to power and connect in your audio source. The speakers have a power switch at the back. You can leave this switch on and leave the switch at the mains off. This way, you can simply flick the main power source when you want to use the speakers.

These speakers have RoHS, REACH compliance and CE approval. In other words, they are manufactured to international standards for electrical goods. This makes them just as safe as speakers from the biggest brands on the market.

In terms of performance, we reiterate again that the Sahara Wall Mounted Active Speakers sound great. They produce detailed low and mid-range with slightly muted highs. Keep them at medium volume and they perform at their best.


The Sahara Wall Mounted Active Speakers are an excellent choice for meeting rooms, schools and studios up to 6*6 square metres. The sound quality is surprisingly good with the best performance coming at medium volume.

You can buy the speakers here. They have a 12 month warranty.