active stereo speaker

Review summary:

These Active Stereo Classroom Speakers produce a powerful and high-quality sound with the benefit of an in-built power amplifier. The 5.25″ bass driver and 1″ Neodymium dome tweeter configuration are suitable for music and voice amplification, with a vented designed to reduce heat and improve performance.

Active Stereo Classroom Speakers-2 X 20w review

Active speakers have several advantages over passive speakers. The main benefit is they only need a power source to operate. Whether that’s a battery or a mains connection does not matter. This is because active speakers have an in-built power amplifier, so they require no external power amplifier to operate.

Active speakers have been around a long time and they are favoured by DJs and music artists because they simplify a setup. The amplifier is built into the speaker so all you have to do is connect PA speakers to power and feed in a signal. This is the same setup musicians use to amplify an electric guitar on stage.

The Active Stereo Classroom Speakers-2 X 20w offers excellent value for money on paper, coming in at £69 excluding VAT. For that, you get two active speakers with a power output of 20w with an amplifier power of 40Wrms.

If you are unfamiliar with speaker wattage, 20w is enough to fill a 6*6 square meter room easily. It’s important to remember that you get two speakers as well, so the combined watt output is 40w. This is enough to fill an 8*8 square meter room.

This makes the Active Stereo Classroom Speakers ideal for classrooms and assembly rooms, or for use in other areas of a school.

Schools with music rooms can also benefit from these speakers. They can be used in combination with other speaker systems to produce a louder sound or deliver sound to other areas of a school. For example, you could have one speaker set up in one classroom, and use these speakers in another classroom to deliver the same content.

What’s included

In this package of Active Stereo Classroom Speakers, you get 2x 20w speakers. The speakers have a 13.3cm (5.25″) bass driver and 2.5cm (1″) Neodymium dome tweeter which is plenty to produce a high-quality and immersive sound.

The speakers have input via RCA phono sockets, and they can be used freestanding, such as on a shelf or on the floor, or you can mount them (brackets are included).

How they work

In this setup, both speakers produce sound, but one speaker is powered and the other is a slave. This means one speaker powers the other.

To output sound from the speakers, you connect a source and provide power to the powered speaker. This can be a battery or mains power source, bringing flexibility to where and how you use them. Once connected to a source (via RCA input – the common input for speaker systems) you control content at the source.

In use, the speakers are as simple as you’d expect. Once connected up, you control media at the source and leave the speakers to do their job.

In terms of value for money, you can’t argue with the £69 excluding VAT price. Two speakers of this quality at this price is a good deal. The speakers have a 12-month warranty as well and a 5m speaker cable is included.

Schools will be well served by these Active Stereo Classroom Speakers. They sound good and are easy to use. They are reliable too, with some of our customers still using theirs 3 and 5 years on. At this price, you can’t go wrong.