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Schools that embrace new technology deliver a richer learning experience. Students have more fun, and teachers see better results.

The stats are unarguable – 96% of students say digital learning tools are fun and help them to learn things on their own, and 85% of teachers fully or somewhat support the increased use of digital learning tools in their school (NewSchools).

The impact of digital tools like apps, online tutorials and video content on classroom learning has been profound. These tools are now commonplace in schools. COVID-19 has also accelerated its adoption. Schools that were slow to roll out technology have had to accelerate their digital transformation programmes.

However, audio and visual equipment is actually the biggest area of new investment with private schools such as Rishworth Independent school wanting to provide the richest learning experience.

How AV is differentiating independent schools

AV installations have become something of a battleground, with private schools trying to create the ultimate digital learning experience in the classroom.

One private school we worked with recently told us that their investment in classroom technology has given them a significant advantage over neighbouring schools when it comes to attracting the best students.

Students and teachers love technology when it works well. With AV equipment, new systems connect instantly and can be operated remotely. These systems work perfectly, with none of the reliability issues of old.

A well designed AV installation will blend into a classroom and become a part of the furniture. Delivering interactive lessons becomes the norm. Students expect to receive a high standard of engagement and get it. This increases student satisfaction and ensures that parents feel like they are getting their money’s worth.

Changing attitudes to AV technology in the classroom

New investment in equipment like 4K projectors, interactive touchscreens, displays and speaker systems is on the rise.

For the first time, we are seeing connected audiovisual equipment used in classrooms on a mass scale. It is now common for 50% of classrooms to have a display of some kind, be it an interactive display or a projector screen.

This is a big step for AV technology adoption in schools because for years many educators viewed technology as a distraction.

The reason for this is AV technology doesn’t result in effective teaching and learning by itself. It needs a teacher to use it effectively. Many educators saw this as an annoying chore that would make their job harder, not easier.

The reality is that once you use and become accustomed to it, AV equipment becomes an integral part of the classroom. As adoption has risen, attitudes have changed with it. This has fuelled the desire to invest in the best equipment.

Start your AV transformation

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